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Hey, I'm Julz!

As a seasoned motoring journalist and award-winning content creator, I’m here to take you on a thrilling ride through the dynamic world of cars. From honest, no-nonsense reviews (okay sometimes a bit of nonsense for shits and giggles) to expert car-buying advice, I’m your gal! Whether you’re a fellow car enthusiast or just looking for some insight (or a jolly old laugh), join me where the rubber meets the road. Check me with the car analogies!

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What’s Hot? What’s Not? Do people even read these subheadings? Doesn’t matter, just watch the videos. A-thank you.

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I’m proud to have collaborated with some of South Africa’s top brands!

"With over 400 videos and 7.5 million views, sharing my passion with the world is where I truly light up."

Juliet McGuire

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