Don’t be a doos road-tripper

How many of you are going away for the long weekend? (Some may call it the Easter Weekend, I am just excited about the public holidays so who cares what’s its called?). If you are planning a road trip, please don’t be a doos about it. Get your car checked before you head out and don’t drive like an idiot.

I am not going to get all preachy on your ass, but far too many people die on our roads on these long weekends and I can say, with confidence, that almost all of them could probably have been prevented.

There are a number of checks you should do on your car before you go on any road trip. Here are a few you cannot ignore:


Crisis, do you even know how important these things are? They can be the difference between life and death. Have them checked! Are they smooth? Are they worn? Do they have a puncture? Are they inflated correctly? Are they aligned correctly? Just go to a tyre place and make sure they are in perfect condition.


These seem obvious but how many times have you almost driven in to someone because you didn’t realise they were braking or indicating due to their lights not working? Make sure that anything that shines or uses a bulb is in working order.


Think oil, coolant, brake fluid, and hydraulic fluid. All things that if not checked, could lead to disaster. It could also mean a very expensive holiday when you have to buy a whole new engine because you forgot to top up the oil level.


Make sure that things like your windscreen wipers work and that there is water in the windscreen wiper bottle thingamajig. And if you can, maybe schedule your car services close to the time you’ll be heading out. That way you know everything will be in working order. Well, you hope so.


Now, when it comes to driving long distance, don’t try and be a hero and klap 800 km in one go. Rather book an overnight stop. Stop every two hours or so, you might think you’re fine, but you are not! Make sure you get enough rest the night before, if you are leaving at the crack of a sparrow’s fart, go to bed early. And for goodness sakes, don’t pull a bender and then leave that morning…you’ll be over the limit and drive like a doos.

Ensure you drink plenty of water and try go for healthy snack options as opposed to that lekker pie from Oumeul. It is delicious, but carbs can make you feel a tad sluggish…and bloated.

But most importantly, don’t rush! Whether you get to your destination in two hours or three hours, does it make a difference? Rather be safe than sorry. Don’t overtake when you’re not comfortable to do so, or if you’re on a blind rise, or if you see a bloody truck coming! Be patient. Be aware. Just don’t be a doos.

I’m Julz, South African motoring journalist with a passion for cars and a questionable sense of humour. I am not your average motoring journalist, and this is not your average motoring website.

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