Juliet drives one of South Africa’s most dangerous roads, the N2

Just yesterday I saw an article about yet another victim of crime on the N2 highway in Cape Town. This man’s car had overheated and so he had to pull over just after the Airport Approach road and it was then that he was stabbed and robbed.

There are thousands of people who commute on the N2 between Somerset West and Cape Town daily. Yet it is considered one of South Africa’s most deadly roads. I am also a frequenter of this route and it terrifies me. Especially when I am driving it alone, in the dark.

I am here to give you a few tips when driving along the N2. It might be a little bit obvious, but it might just save your life too. I would rather be safe than sorry.


If you break down on the N2, do not pull over to the side of the road. Rather stay in the middle lane. That way you make it more difficult for criminals to get to you. Even if it deters them for an extra minute, that minute might just save your life.

If you do travel on the N2. Keep this emergency number handy: 021 480 7700

What do you do to ensure your safety on this or any other dangerous road?

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