Juliet drives the Toyota Supra

Before you try and tell me that the Toyota Supra is just a BMW Z4, watch this video. Like I mentioned on most of my social media pages, one can only have a real opinion if they have driven both cars. I have!

So Toyota asked BMW to help it make a sports car, so what? Manufacturers have been swapping parts for years. I have no idea why this time it made so many people angry. Is it because BMW lovers are a certain type of person and don’t believe that Toyota deserves BMW parts? Who knows.

What I can tell you though is that the Toyota Supra is a far more engaging drive than the BMW Z4. And that is all that matters to me when it comes to this sports car. Just check out this drag race between the Supra, the Z4 and the Mustang.

Last week I was mistaken for an Uber driver in the Suzuki Ertiga, this week I am sporting red lipstick in a sports car.

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