Juliet drives the Volkswagen Touareg with Black Style Package

The Volkswagen Touareg is a favourite of mine, mainly because it is somewhat underrated and people tend to lean more towards its more ‘premium’ competitors. I do love an underdog. Not that it is really an underdog, but you know what I mean. It may not have the premium badge on the front, but there is nothing rough and ready about the Touareg, it is all luxury! Volkswagen has added a Black Styling Package to the mix, which I don’t think is necessary, but you know, some peeps might just have to have it. I just think it already looks good enough as it is.

If you missed last week’s review, then fear not. You can still watch it now. And you’ll want to because it is the Range Rover Sport and I am such a celebrity in it.

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And now for the main event: The VW Touareg

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