The WRX is boy racer no more

The Subaru WRX is no longer what it once was. BUT that is not necessarily a bad thing. It has just grown up somewhat. Matured in ways. And look, I am no boy racer so I can appreciate this ‘version’ of the WRX, but because I am a motoring journalist, I do need to remain objective. So, objectively speaking, I can tell you that this car retains the spirit of the rally heritage this model is so well known for. It is still for a driver enthusiast, one who doesn’t want to compromise comfort over performance, but one who also doesn’t want to let go of the thrill behind the wheel. The Subaru WRX is still going to appeal to the same crowd it once did, and then a broader crowd who didn’t even know they wanted a WRX. It will continue to be successful for the Subaru brand, and it will continue to turn heads.

Last week I was in a beast of a bakkie, the Jeep Gladiator.

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