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5 reasons women should consider the Toyota Supra

I use this title not to exclude men considering a Toyota Supra, but because women are very seldom the target when it comes to marketing a sports car. And why the heck not? It is Women’s Day after all!

One just needs to Google “Toyota Supra adverts” and you will see that it is men who drive the car. There is nothing wrong with this advertising, I guess manufacturer’s know their target audience better than I do. But I can’t help but wonder if their audience would grow to include women if women were considered when brainstorming the campaigns?

I believe that my audience, which consists of many fantastic females, might just be interested in knowing exactly why they should consider a Toyota Supra.


The all-new fifth generation Toyota Supra is what Toyota (and many others) consider a legendary sports car. The GR Supra is the first GR model to be produced by Toyota Gazoo Racing for the global market. But more on this in my reasons why you should consider this car.



Tetsuya Tada is the Chief Engineer for the Toyota GR Supra and his personal insights in to making this legendary car makes it that much more appealing.

Being asked to make a sports car that offers the ultimate, pure driving pleasure felt like a mandate from heaven, telling me to “make a Supra!” The GT86 helped broaden the scope and appeal of Toyota’s sports cars. Next, I needed to deliver a car that offers a seemingly limitless sense of control, a car that will meet expectations and delight even hardcore fans.

In making Supra, I insisted on visiting enthusiasts’ clubs around the world to talk to owners of previous models. I asked them what they thought the minimum requirements should be and the response was always “a straight-six turbo and front engine/rear-wheel drive configuration”. It was pretty clear and I had more or less anticipated this. The key point was to keep that combination intact.

The new Supra is not simply a revival, though; only those core engine and rear-wheel drive elements have been carried over. As the name Supra suggests, I was determined to deliver a “supreme fun-to-drive” car that could only be made in the modern era.


The heritage of Toyota’s sports car is evident in the design of the GR Supra. The long bonnet, compact body and double-bubble roof is all influenced by the 2000GT. There is nothing quite as sexy as a sports car and the Supra carries this through from its distinct looking fourth generation when it comes to the front and rear styling. Yoh, but I would be happy to cruise around in one of these. Although, you may get a lot of eyes on you. Is that a bad thing?

Toyota Supra


The auto industry is said to be undergoing a “once-in-a-hundred-years” revolution. Technological innovations such as EV (electric power), autonomous driving and Artificial Intelligence are turning the car into a high-tech “mode of transport”. With that being the case, cars might no longer need to be fun to drive. Should we just accept the impact this is having on the role of the car? Definitely not! In that sense, Supra might be the antithesis of society’s current car-related trends.

As Tada puts it, “When it comes to feeling, I can confidently declare that the acceleration from the Supra’s straight-six turbo feels truly exhilarating. I am sure people who have never known, or have forgotten about the pleasure of driving a car, will enjoy an amazing experience and realise that cars really should be fun to drive.


There is no feeling of power quite like taking the steering wheel of a car like the Supra with its BMW-sourced 3.0-litre straight-6 motor which produces 250 kW and 500 Nm of torque. That means it will get to 100 km/h in just 4.3 seconds. You literally have the power in this car!


When you’re going as quickly as you will go in the Supra, you want to know that your safety is taken care of. Toyota has you covered with the Toyota Safety Sense system which encompasses an array of active safety technologies. Some of these include Pre-Collision warning with pedestrian detection, Lane Departure Alert, Adaptive Cruise Control, and Traffic Sign Assist. It even has parking sensors with automatic braking to prevent collisions with objects or vehicles approaching from either side when reversing.

Toyota Supra


Toyota GR Supra Track – R 953 000 (Available in Prominent Red only)
Toyota GR Supra (Prominent Red) – R 1 072 300
Toyota GR Supra (Metallic) – R 1 082 300
Toyota GR Supra (Matte Grey) – R 1 092 300


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