Juliet McGuire

Juliet drives the Opel Grandland X Enjoy

It looks like I am saying you should enjoy the Opel Grandland X with this heading. Well, I kind of am. But it is the trim level too. Unfortunately, the sales of the Opel Grandland X have not been great and it saddens me a little.

But this video is about the slight spec update the Grandland X Enjoy now…well…enjoys. Hahaha. I could go on with this all day. But I won’t. I will let you just…enjoy…the video. Ok I am stopping!

For a more in-depth Opel Grandland X video, watch this one.

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If you missed my video last week where I tried to film a friend’s dog in the BMW X3, well then, you are missing out! Roscoe is cute!

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