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5 new cars you actually can afford

People constantly ask me if there are cars on the market that one can actually afford. This is a bit of a tricky question, because what I can afford will probably be very different to what you can afford.

But I have put a list together of new cars on the market that retail for under R200 000. Look, they might not be the kind of cars you are actually interested in. And to this I say, “Get your head in the game!” You might want a 3.0 V8 engine with leather interior and a 15-speaker sound system, but you ain’t gonna get that for the price range that most of you are shopping in. So here is a list of cars that are in fact under R200 000 but are still excellent products and offer you everything you really need.

*Disclaimer: These are in no particular order and I could only choose five due to the heading of my article. There are others on the market to consider. Email me if you need more options!

Suzuki Swift
Priced from: R160 900

The Suzuki Swift has been a firm favourite among motoring journalists for a while now. I even know a few who own one. The top of the range 1.2i GL even comes in under R200 000 and you can bank on a whole lot of standard spec for that. Plus a five year/200 000 km warranty!

Volkswagen Polo Vivo
Priced from: R189 400

The Polo Vivo probably doesn’t need much convincing amongst a lot of you, we see a bazillion of these are on our roads for good reason. It is solid and well built, plus, local is lekker and this little people-pleaser is built locally in the Eastern Cape. Only the entry level Vivo comes under R200 000, but the next one up is just R500 more so you might still be able to consider it. Although, R500 equates to car insurance just about, so be careful.

Datsun GO
Priced from: R144 500

If you had asked me a year ago if I would ever have a Datsun GO featured on my site I would have told you, in no uncertain terms, that I would not. But that was when referring to the previous model. This new Datsun GO is completely worthy of your consideration. Not only is it really affordable (even the top of the range LUX at R165 500), but it is jam-packed full of spec and thankfully now has safety features in the mix.

Kia Picanto
Priced from: R150 995

The Kia Picanto has won so many awards it is hard to keep up. It continues to be a success story and I haven’t met someone who doesn’t love theirs. I hate to use the term ‘cheap and cheerful’ but the Picanto really is just this. Take one for a test drive, I am certain you won’t be disappointed. Not at the price point anyway!

Renault Sandero Stepway
Priced from R193 900

The Renault Sandero Stepway has the highest starting price on this list of five budget cars, but it is a worthy contender. You can always opt for the Sandero instead which starts at R179 900, but I just love the look of the Stepway. Plus I drove the previous generation for a year and although this new model is leaps and bounds ahead of the old one, it still has a spot in my heart.

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