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Juliet drives the BMW X3 with Roscoe

The BMW X3 is not new, in fact, the new model launched a couple years back. But it is such a great car I figured I needed to do a video on it. I also wanted to introduce you to Roscoe.

Who is Roscoe you might ask? Well he is my best friend’s hound piggy. You might know Terence Steenkamp as the editor of CAR magazine. He recently adopted Roscoe, a Boston Terrier. I now consider myself Godmother to Roscoe (Terence hasn’t officially asked me, but he is very busy so I will just assume he has been meaning to).

Another friend of ours created the Woof Seat for her two dogs which was designed as a way for them to travel comfortably and safely in her car. She gave Terence a Woof Seat for Roscoe and he LOVES it. I was puppy sitting the other day and wanted to show you just how much he loves his Woof Seat. Roscoe had other plans…

Check out my BMW X3 video. It ain’t always easy travelling with or filming a dog.

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If you missed my video last week of the new Mazda CX-5, you are missing out my friend!

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