Juliet McGuire

I found the Disney World of dealerships

You guys know that I won’t promote anything that I don’t think is actually worth promoting, right? Well I have something I have to share with you and I think you are going to like it.

I met the CEO of Rola Motor Group, Marius Claassen, at a Volvo event earlier this year and he invited me to come and see a project he was busy working on. The now completed projected is #RolaMotorCity and it is open for business!

#RolaMotorCity consists of one location with eight brands! It sounds simple, right? But when you add a 4X4 track and a mountain bike trail, things start to get even more interesting. I took my friend and collague, Calvin Fisher, with me to help me capture the essence of #RolaMotorCity so that you guys could get to see it too.

I just love the convenience of it. If you are in the market to buy a car, trekking from place to place can be a real pain. This way, you somma hop over next door and you get to compare cars back-to-back. It is beautiful!

If you are in Cape Town these holidays or plan to be here anytime soon, be sure to visit #RolaMoytorCity. If just to see it. Who knows, you may end up buying a car.

The address for #RolaMotorCity is: 1 Pacific Close, Somerset West


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