Juliet McGuire

Juliet discovers Coseeker and wants to share it with you

It is not often that I promote anything on my website, but when I come across something that I believe is fantastic, well, I am only too happy to share it. Coseeker is a website that I think South Africa has needed for a very long time.


Coseeker.com is a website whereby customers can share their experiences and rate dealerships and service centres on a single platform. It lets customer’s opinions be heard; warns other customers before purchasing or servicing their vehicle at a certain establishment; or encourages them to go somewhere where they have had a memorable experience.

It also gives dealers a platform where they can address client concerns, or where they can thank clients for their continued support. It is a win-win if you ask me. I explain more in my video where I show you just how easy it is to use. And it is FREE for customers!

Please add your reviews. The only way this will work is if all our voices are heard.


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