Juliet McGuire

Juliet drives the Mercedes-AMG G63

G Wagon! G Wagon! G Wagon! Can you hear the song? I am really surprised that no one thought to use that line in a song before ol’ Post Malone did. The G Wagon/Geländewagen/G-Class is such an icon. I felt like a rock star while driving it. I also felt somewhat gangsta! (And I don’t mean gangsta in the criminal sense of the term, I mean more like not giving a hoot what people think. I realise the word ‘hoot’ there makes me sound the opposite of gangsta….but I don’t care, obvs, because I am gangsta).

If, like me, if you have a rather childish sense of humour, be sure to watch last week’s video on the Renault Koleos. You will chuckle.

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