Juliet McGuire

Juliet drives the new BMW X7

The BMW X7 is a car I would happily drive on a weekend away with friends. This is exactly what I did when I got this beauty for week’s test drive. A few of us headed up to Stanford for a weekend of drinking rest and relaxation.

CAR magazine’s editor, or my bestie as he likes to be referred, Terence Steenkamp, features in this video and I know he is going to be so thrilled. If you only watch it to see his dance moves, you will be forgiven.

Back to the BMW X7, which should be the star of this video (but you know Terence…loves the spotlight), is all about luxury. It is a beautiful car and one that I think most families would be thrilled to have. Most families I know probably can’t afford it, but we can all dream, right? You could opt for the ever-so-slightly cheaper BMW X5 if don’t need the extra row of seats. Or you could just get a Suzuki Ertiga, which practically does the same thing, you just won’t feel as posh, obvs! Ah, if only we could all be millionaires. I digress, go and watch my video!

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