Juliet McGuire

Juliet drives the new BMW Z4

The BMW Z4 never really did much for me. I always thought it looked rather odd. I was also very judgemental of Z4 drivers. But I have since changed my ways, because the BMW Z4 has changed its ways.

It now looks better than it ever did and the drive is, well, as you can imagine it would be. Ok fine, I didn’t get to drive the M40i this time around, but I certainly drove what will be the bulk seller. And I can tell you, it is still a hoot to drive.

I still wouldn’t buy a BMW Z4, only because I am just far too practical. I need my space yo! But I can certainly see the appeal of this car. Top down, cruising the coastline. It doesn’t sound too shabby, right?

Unless you are me, and you will see why I am not the hugest fan of cabriolets. I may have lost my notes to the wind while putting the roof down. #Awkward

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