Juliet McGuire

Juliet drives the new Suzuki Ciaz

Driving the new Suzuki Ciaz meant I was often mistaken for an Uber. I took this as a sign to sing like I do when I am in an Uber. I should feel sorry for the poor drivers who have to deal with me, but I think I am a hoot. (Although, it might explain my rating which is not as high as I think it should be, I am a fantastic rider…barring the singing of course).

I chose a song in this video that always gets people bopping and singing along, even if you hate the song. Do you recall the Hanson Brothers? Of course you do!

If you are looking for a fleet car or want to put a car in to the Uber system, then have a look at the Suzuki Ciaz. It is practical in every sense of the word.

If you didn’t want my video on the new Opel Corsa GSI, you might want to.

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