Juliet McGuire

Juliet drives the new Suzuki Ertiga

Does the Suzuki Ertiga also want to make you say it, “errmahgerrrrrd?” Just me then? Right, moving on swiftly then (haha, see what I did there, “swift…ly”). I am full of jokes this morning.

Anyway, I had the chance to pretend to be an Uber driver once again in this new Ertiga. I didn’t really have a choice. Every time I approached someone who was clearly waiting for their Uber, they would wave me down before realising that I, in fact, was not an Uber.

But I do wish that people wouldn’t associate this car with Uber because it is also a fantastic family car. I suggested it to a friend who has twins and her response was that she really couldn’t see herself driving an “Uber car.” Ah well, either way, you should watch this video, perhaps I can change your minds.

You might also want to see my new Suzuki Ciaz video. I posted it last week and it seems people are quite enjoying it.

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