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My top 5 used SUVs for under R300k

To buy used or not to buy used? This is not a question you should ask. You should always buy a used car if your budget doesn’t stretch to a new car. The correct question to ask is, “What car can I actually afford?”

When you look at what you might be able to get with your budget of say, R300 000, on the used market versus what you will get on the new market, it can be a no brainer. But also, use your brain.


When it comes to buying used, make sure you have done your homework. Don’t buy something with crazy high mileage or something that should have been featured on “Pimp My Ride.”

Keep the year as late as possible, look for cars still under warranty, and, as mentioned, keep the mileage low.

I can go on and on about the do’s and don’t’s of buying a used car, but I shall save that for another post. But I think you know that if research and know exactly what it is you are looking for, you won’t go wrong.


Here are five cars that I often recommend to people how have a budget of R300k, but want space, practicality and reliability.


If you read this blog often enough, you will know how I feel about the Mazda CX-5. If not, watch the video and it should give you a good idea.


Kia Sportage

Ah, I have loved the Kia Sportage for as long as I can remember. I have had one as a long term car over the holidays twice and it is the car I try and get every year. That’s how much I love it.


Ford Kuga

Ignore all the bad press around the Ford Kuga because this car is an excellent product. It was only one model that gave issues, so there is no need to fear any of the other Kuga models.


Volkswagen Tiguan

The more pricey of the lot, but a worthy contender nonetheless. It has always been a recommendation of mine. And when the Tiguan Allspace came out, I was even more excited. But that its too pricey for this post. You will have to settle for the standard Tiguan I am afraid, although it won’t actually be settling.


Talk about reliability. You can’t really go wrong with a Toyota on the badge, can you? It might be on the smaller side of the ones already recommended, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t spacious. I’d be happy as a clam driving the RAV4 around every day.

You know you can always pop me a message if you have any car buying queries. That’s what I am here for, people! You can leave a comment below or on my Facebook or Instagram pages. You can also chat to me on Timon where you will get one-on-one time with me. No distractions 🙂

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