Suzuki Vitara Turbo

Juliet drives the Suzuki Vitara Turbo

I was decluttering and found this video that I never posted. What the hell? How could I miss the Suzuki Vitara Turbo? Maybe it is a sign? I just reviewed the Suzuki S-Presso last week. Actually, it is probably more to do with the Corona pandemic. There are some positives to having to stay home, like getting to all the admin you’ve been putting off. To be fair, I work from home anyway, so this is nothing new for me. It is staying in that is new. Anyhoozal, due to my spaz moment, the price has since increased, so ignore the price I mention in the video. The Vitara Turbo now starts from R386 900. Don’t shout at me for getting it wrong! Because I didn’t. I just forgot to post the video. I blame being in America and having far too much fun. Don’t forget to be a peach and subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram. And obviously on TikTok.

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Demo model

Should you buy a demo model?

Ah the age-old question, “should I buy a demo model?” Ok fine, it might not exactly be age-old, but it has certainly been a question many of you have asked me. There is always a debate surrounding buying new or used when it comes to cars, but are demo models perhaps the happy medium? WHAT IS A DEMO MODEL? I am sure most of you already know the answer to this, but just to refresh our memories, a demo is a new car that is used to showcase its abilities to potential customers. It is driven by the employees of the dealership as well as by potential customers. It usually isn’t driven more than 5 000 km. Essentially, it is the car used to sell the others cars just like it. The tester, if you will, think ‘perfume bottles at Duty Free’. WHY BUY A DEMO? It is pretty obvious I would say. You essentially get a brand new car at a lower price. Dealers usually use the higher-specced models to show off to customers, so you can find yourself a top of the range model at a price that would be closer to the entry-level model. HOLD YOUR HORSES This all sounds fantastic, right? A brand new car at a steal! But there are a few disadvantages to buying a demo model. The obvious one is that the car now has mileage on the clock and the warranty and/or service plan is now shortened. But another disadvantage of buying a demo and something to consider, is that many people would have driven the car. People’s driving styles differ dramatically and you won’t know just how hard this car has been driven. So expect some wear and tear on it. DON’T DESPAIR Although there are a few disadvantages to buying a demo model, if you do your homework and know what it is you are looking for, you might just find the greatest deal of your life with a demo model. TAKE MY ADVICE I sound so bossy, but you really should read these tips: Find out everything you can about the car. Ask the dealer what the car was used for. Request proof of the car’s in-service date — the day that the warranty begins. Sometimes warranties begin earlier on demo cars, since dealerships are technically using them before making a sale. If the warranty starts early and there isn’t an option to extend it, you can use this as leverage to ask for a lower buying price. To make absolutely sure you are getting all the info you need, get the FirstCheck app where you will be able to find out all the info you are looking for. Compare pricing with new models. Make sure it really is worth it. Don’t just take the first offer. Compare models and pricing and go back to the dealer with an offer that works best for you. Go over the car with a fine toothcomb as it is very possible that the car would have been damaged on one of the many test drives. Check things like rims and tyres, check the windscreen for cracks, check the whole car for dents or scratches, and make sure that everything is almost as good as new before making the purchase. Don’t just sign on the dotted line. Make sure you have gone over every detail of the contract and ensure you are happy with everything before you sign and hand over your hard-earned cash. THE EXPERTS AGREE I chatted to Peter Palm, Road Test Engineer for CAR magazine, and I asked him what he thinks of buying a demo. His response was, “I think it’s an excellent idea. Any teething problems will be discovered and fixed by the dealer, mileage will be minimal and some of the initial depreciation knock is removed before you open your wallet.” There you go!!! I was right, perhaps a demo is the happy medium when it comes to car shopping. Source:

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La Colombe and Jaguar E-Pace

La Colombe and the Jaguar E-Pace

Food and cars. What a pairing, hey? Perhaps not an obvious one, but when they are paired right, magic happens. This happened to me this past weekend when I got to drive the Jaguar E-Pace to a restaurant like no other. Jaguar kindly offered us an experience we could not refuse. It involved the Jaguar E-Pace (do we even need more?) and La Colombe restaurant at Silvermist in Constantia, Cape Town. We headed out to this retreat hidden amongst the trees and world-famous fynbos kingdom situated in the Table Mountain National Park. It was spectacular! And if you have ever driven along the coast that snakes between the ocean and the mountain down here in Cape Town, you will know just how special it is. This weekend wasn’t all about the Jaguar E-Pace. It was about the experience. But of course you want to know more about the E-Pace, right? Well you might remember my review from way back in February when I hopped over to Corsica in France to attend the international launch. Or when I had it on test here in South Africa and made the most compelling video review for you? Either way, you need to click on those links to find out everything you need to know about this beautiful car. But let me give you three things I love about it as a bonus: The look! This car attracts attention wherever it goes and I felt fancy as f*** driving it. Bearing in mind that I am probably the target market, well in age, certainly not in income. This car is for the younger customer who might have once felt that they had no way of owning a Jaguar. The boot! It offers 577-litres of space. That is substantial. It can hold ALL OF my luggage as well as my husband’s backpack. Not to mention cases of wine, umbrellas, pillows, beach towels, 5-litre bottles of water…basically all the things we take with us on a weekend away. The badge! I mean come on, it’s a Jag for goodness sakes. It might be the brand’s first compact SUV, but they have managed to retain the essence of what makes driving a Jag so desirable. That is no easy task I must tell you. There are a couple of niggles that might bother a few people. The ride is a bit firm, I struggled to find a comfortable driving position and the petrol engine under the bonnet of this P300 doesn’t quite carry the weight of this vehicle (which is almost 1.9 tonnes). With that said, you really are spoilt for choice and although something like the D240 might not feel as fancy pants, the extra torque will certainly be welcomed. You do, however, have a choice of a staggering 38 derivatives across five engine variants, I am confident you will find your perfect match! La Colombe is as excessive in its offering. 11 courses of food over lunch is only for the brave. I had to take a break half way through, not so much because of the food consumption, but more due to the wine intake. This restaurant is placed in the 7th position in the world on Trip Advisor’s Top 10 Fine Dining Restaurants in the World list. It’s won so many more awards I can’t be bothered to even mention them all, but just know that it is as posh as they come. It is a dining experience like no other I have ever had the privilege of partaking in. It doesn’t come cheap though, one could just about fly to Thailand (return) for the same amount. The food is out of this word though and something, that if you have the means or the opportunity, you need to experience. Go to my Facebook post to check out the food, your mind will be blown! Here’s a sneak peak: For current pricing of the Jaguar E-Pace check out Jaguar’s website and if you want to have your mind and tastebuds blown, check out La Colombe’s menu.

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