Loadshedding and driving, what a F*** up!

Remember when loadshedding was a thing of the past? Oh no wait, it’s bloody well back! Last week (or the week before, it’s hard to say, I blocked it out), we saw stage four loadshedding hit us right in the spark plug! And did you see what happened to our roads? What a monumental F*** show that became. Especially you poor souls up in the Gauteng region where it gets dark just after sunrise. I could not believe what I was seeing on the news. People had been sitting in the same spot in their cars for TWO HOURS trying to get home from work. And look, there will always be added traffic when the lights go out, but if everyone obeyed the rules of the road when there is loadshedding, the roads would be a little easier to navigate. Easier said than done, I realise. WHAT SHOULD YOU DO? Thanks to MasterDrive, a press release was sent out to remind the dumbasses amongst us, how to treat traffic lights when they are not working (as would occur when there is loadshedding, obviously): “For many of us, it seems obvious that intersections need to be treated as four-way-stops, yet, this is not always what all drivers do. Whether it is as a result of nervousness or impatience, many drivers go when they are not supposed to. When it is your turn to cross the intersection double check every path that crosses yours before going. Rather take longer to cross than not make it across at all. Please reread that last sentence! EVERY ONE! The same applies even if the traffic lights are working but you can see you will not make it across. STOP BLOCKING INTERSECTIONS! “Before you even set off, it is essential to accept that you are going to encounter major traffic and consequently impatient drivers. Becoming irate with other drivers will only increase your own frustration levels. Your chances of a collision will also increase if you attempt to block them. Let these drivers in and move away from you. Basically, just be courteous and consider that every single person around you is in exactly the same predicament. We all want to get home after a long day at the office. You are no more special than anyone else, regardless of what your parents keep telling you!

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