Peugeot 3008

Juliet drives the Peugeot 3008

There are many reasons to love the Peugeot 3008, but one of the main reasons for me is the comfort. Good grief the ride is good, it feels as if you are driving on clouds. I was very sad to say goodbye to the 3008. Last week I was in the Audi A1. If you want to chat, catch me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. And don’t forget to be a peach and subscribe to my YouTube channel and obviously follow me on TikTok.

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Peugeot 5008

Juliet drives the Peugeot 5008

The Peugeot 5008 is a flipping great car. Fine, I don’t love the interior, but so many do, so that doesn’t count. I had to look quite hard to find fault, but I think I may have found one. Although, if I am truly honest with myself, the car is not to blame for the ‘fault’ I found. I fear I may just have a faulty leg. Decide for yourself once you have watched the video. Can I really blame the Peugeot 5008? I doubt it. Don’t forget to be a peach and subscribe to my YouTube channel and follow me on Facebook,Twitter, and Instagram. And obviously on TikTok.

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Peugeot 5008

5 things you need to know about the Peugeot 5008

Having recently spent the holidays driving the Volvo XC90, I am dead keen to get my hands on the new Peugeot 5008. The XC90 might be more than double the price of the 5008, but they are both seven-seaters and I like to put myself in the buyer’s shoes no matter what the car or what the cost. The 5008 will be arriving next week and so ahead of that, I wanted to give you some info on it. Here are 5 things you need to know about the Peugeot 5008: 1. IT HAS SEVEN SEATS BUT… Ok, I realise you already know it has seven seats because I mentioned it in the first paragraph, but what is good to know is that those last two seats at the back can fold completely flat in to the loadbay or they can removed altogether. It means you will have a massive boot when it is in a five-seat configuration. Do you want to know how massive? Of course you do. 780-litres is what you will get! That is 100-litres more than its predecessor. 2. THERE ARE TWO ENGINES AVAILABLE This is important because you need to know whether you want to drive a petrol or a diesel engine. The new 5008 offers you both. You can either opt for a 1.6-litre turbopetrol which produces 121 kW and 240 Nm. Your fuel consumption is claimed to sit around 7.0l/100 km with this engine. Or you can opt for a 2.0-litre turbodiesel with its 110 kW of power and 370 Nm of torque. Fuel consumption is claimed to be far lower at just 4.8L/100 km Both engines are mated to a 6-speed automatic gearbox. 3. THERE ARE TWO TRIM LEVELS AVAILABLE You might be familiar with these trim levels if you are fan of any other Peugeot models, such as the 3008. You can opt for either the Allure or the GT Line guise. The Allure comes with features such as: Dual-zone climate control A hands-free tailgate Tyre-pressure monitoring sensors Cloth/leather trim Auto headlamps and wipers Daytime running lights Parking sensors Keyless entry USB/Bluetooth connectivity Apple CarPlay/Android Auto 18-inch alloy wheels The GT Line adds Front-seat massage function  Wireless charging pad Full LED headlamps LED fog lights Nappa leather upholstery 180 degree camera SAT Nav Upgraded audio system LED Lion puddle lamps Black diamond roof 19-inch alloy wheels Semi-autonomous safety package 4. THE PEUGEOT 5008 WILL COST: Peugeot 5008 Allure 1.6 THP – R534 900 Peugeot 5008 Allure 2.0 HDi – R554 900 Peugeot 5008 GT Line 1.6 THP – R579 900 Peugeot 5008 GT Line HDi – R599 900 5. IT COMES STANDARD WITH PEUGEOT PRIDE What is Peugeot Pride? I hear you ask. Let me tell you: A 5 year / 100 000km comprehensive warranty A 5 year / 100 000km comprehensive service plan Customer support: roadside assistance, 24-hour Customer contact centre, Licence renewal reminder, Service plan and warranty expiry notifications. Peace of Mind Service and Repairs: Complimentary health check. Courtesy transport for all warranty repairs for 48 hours. Peugeot Parts basket that will always be competitively priced. Safety film option; tracking solution option; MicroDot; My Peugeot App This is just to get you warmed up for the video that will come out soon – well once I have actually driven the 5008 and filmed it, so not that soon. But keep your eyes peeled (such a gross saying). And if you are interested in buying a new Peugeot 5008 head on over to for a list of new cars. You can also try out the used car list.

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