Porsche Macan

First drive in the Porsche Macan

Who would have thought that Porsche’s baby SUV, the Porsche Macan, would have sold over 400 000 units in just five years? Me, that’s who! Back at the launch in 2014 I descried it as the 911 of SUVs and I wasn’t all that wrong. (Ag, but look how young I was in that video). 2018 saw Porsche’s best year yet and the Macan was the number one selling model for the German brand. It is a Porsche success story and in keeping up with the ever growing compact SUV segment, Porsche has given the Macan a little nip and tuck. Upfront we see subtle changes to the LED headlights and the large, central side air intakes. There are also new wheel designs on offer up to 21-inches and the side blades come in five different variants. The Porsche Macan is now offered in four new colours including Miami Blue as seen in the pic below. While we are looking at that sexy ass, check out the new LED tail lamp that stretches right across the rear. I think it looks hot AF. If you like the look of the Cayenne, then you will love the look of this little tiger (side note: ‘Macan’ is Indonesian for the word ‘tiger’). Let’s take another look at the booty! Hop inside and the real highlight is Porsche’s 10.9-inch PCM touchscreen infotainment system which gives the interior a modern look and feel. It still has buttons for Africa and looks a little too busy. With that said, I do love a button and so once you have familiarised yourself with what does what, if you’re like me, you will love that everything hast’t been incorporated in to the screen. The materials used in some places scream luxury and in other places, not so much. But having that Porsche badge right up under your nose on the 918 Spider-inspired steering wheel is a constant reminder that you are winning at life. There are two models currently available, the Macan and Macan S – you can expect the GTS and Turbo at a later stage. The more budget “friendly” of the two is the Macan with its 2.0-litre 4-cylinder engine under the bonnet offering up 180 kW of power and 370 Nm of torque. It might not scream performance at you, but it can still get you to 100 km/h in just 6.5 seconds. PERFORMANCE ISN’T EVERYTHING And I cannot imagine the potential buyer of the Macan wanting to throw it around mountain passes like we did at the local launch. (All legally, obviously). But if you do want a little fire in your belly, pop it in to Sport mode and you might find the kick you’re after. True Porsche enthusiasts might turn their noses up at this, but for the average car lover, the sound and performance will be enough to keep you happy. BUT FOR SOME IT IS The Macan S might appeal to those other folk who will appreciate the 3.0-litre V6 engine that pushes out 260 kW and 480 Nm. It will certainly be a more exhilarating drive as you get to 100 km/h in just 5.1 seconds. Porsche really knew what they were doing when they made this car, calling it practical but never ordinary. That is my kinda mantra! I think it describes me. I HAVE THE FINAL SAY Some might argue that the likes of the Macan is not worthy of a Porsche badge because it is not a “true sports car.” Whatever that really means. But I would vehemently disagree with such people. The first time I drove the Macan, in 2014, I said that there was no other SUV quite as convincingly sporty. We have seen competitors such as the BMW X4 and Mercedes-Benz GLC give it a good run for its money since then. But, I am not sure anything quite beats the emotional power that a Porsche evokes. PRICING OF THE PORSCHE MACAN Macan: R849 000Macan S: R1 099 000

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