Driving in the rain

Fact: people can’t drive in the rain

Why is it that the minute a splash of rain hits the windscreen, our roads become a shit show? I can’t understand it. It’s as if people lose the ability to drive as soon as a little bit of water falls from the sky. Thankfully, the lovely people over at MasterDrive have put together a few pointers for us (I say us, but I mean you – I know how to drive in the rain). Just give it a read, even if you think you are not guilt of driving like a twat in the rain. HOW TO DRIVE IN THE RAIN People driving too slowly: while slowing down in rainy weather is important, some drivers may take this to the extreme. Looking ahead by up to 12 seconds (where visibility permits) will enable you to quickly see these drivers and move around them where possible. If you cannot safely move around, maintain a larger following distance and patiently wait for an opportunity to do so. People driving too fast: do additional checks in your review mirror so that you see a fast driver long before they are right up behind you. If you are on the highway, only use the right-hand lane for passing, and avoid sitting in that lane where you are most likely to encounter reckless drivers. Traffic lights not working: this is common with large amounts of rain. Traffic lights are to be treated like four way stops but with even more caution. In larger intersections many drivers are uncertain of when to go or even reluctant to wait their turn. Never take it for granted that a driver will stop when they are supposed to. Flooding: avoid areas that are prone to flooding and keep an eye on traffic reports. If you do come across a section of road where there is fast flowing water rather turn around or pull over if you can safely do so. It only takes 15cm of water to lift some cars off the tar. Hydroplaning and skidding: if you start to hydroplane slowly take your foot off the accelerator and concentrate on steering straight. Never brake. Gently steer in the direction you do want to go until you regain control. Be patient: do not let reckless or impatient drivers take your attention away from the road. Rather accept that these drivers are inevitable and rather focus your attention on getting to your destination safely. There are some solid tips there. I think the bottom line though is to not drive like a total doos and be patient. And don’t take chances. You are NOT a better driver than everyone else.

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