Women and bakkies

Should women drive bakkies?

Is this not the most ridiculous question? Yet, the amount of times I have been questioned about my choice of bakkie content for certain women magazines is astonishing. It appears that many people still feel that bakkies are just for men. These people are wrong! If you Google, “women and pickups,” (seeing as ‘bakkie’ is a South African term), what you get is a list of articles on how to pick up women. So called “golden rules” on how to ask women out. I kid you not! Sprinkled in amongst these ridiculous articles is the odd. “Women prefer men who drive pickups,” and “Gals like guys in pickups.” It’s pretty sad. But things are slowly changing, thank goodness. An American consumer report states that pick up trucks are becoming the new family car, “Core truck capabilities, such as hauling, towing, and off-road ability, are still priorities, but exterior appearance, safety, and technology are now more important than ever.” There is still a way to go, especially when it is considered a family car and not a car that a single woman would choose for herself. There should be no reason why women don’t consider a bakkie when looking at cars to buy. Not only are they practical as all hell, but they are comfortable, reliable, safe and durable. They are no longer jarring and ‘industrial’ to drive. The only reason I can think that would put someone off is that bakkies are quite large. But this shouldn’t be a reason to avoid them. The ride height alone makes up for this. Take one for a spin you’ll see. TOP 5 BAKKIES TO BUY I wanted to put together a list of five bakkies (ranges not individual models) that I would happily own and drive every day. It all comes down to your lifestyle and what it is you require from a vehicle. But, you should definitely put these on your buying list: VOLKSWAGEN AMAROK TOYOTA HILUX FORD RANGER NISSAN NAVARA MITSUBISHI TRITON Bakkies don’t always come cheap, be careful when selecting. Here is a list of the five most expensive bakkies in South Africa at the moment. But to help your decision, here is a list of South Africa’s 10 best-selling bakkies for April 2019.

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