Juliet McGuire

Juliet drives the new Audi RS4 Avant

I was so excited driving the new Audi RS4 Avant that I spent much of this video swearing. I may be disappointing my mom and my parents-in-law, but I’ve recently read a study that shows women who swear often are, in fact, very intelligent.

Granted it was a study I saw on Facebook, but whatever, I’m claiming it. It is the Audi RS4 Avant, after all. Either way, block your ears, and watch this video. I joke. Don’t be silly, you will want to hear the sound of this engine. Over my swearing, that is.

I speak about a drag race in this video, one you will want to see. Watch my video first, though, and then you can watch the drag race. (I am so bossy).

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