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Women only taxi service coming soon

As women around this beautiful country stand up and unite against the atrocities plaguing us, a ride-hailing service, Chaufher, is about to shake things up. It is a service that will appeal to most women at this point in time.

I have fortunately never had a bad experience when it comes to Uber or any ride-hailing service (ok, I only use Uber). But I know people who have encountered some awful drivers. Male drivers who made them feel very uncomfortable.


A new ride-hailing service for women only is coming soon. ChaufHer is a ride hail service that connects female drivers with female passengers through their app. “Empowering women to get where they need to go,” reads the website.


Third-party and OPT

“Our app allows for both third party notifications (where someone you trust can follow your trip) as well as sending a One Time Pin (OTP) to the rider as an extra safety check.”

24/7 operations centre

“Our operations centre is manned 24 hours a day, seven days a week so we can respond to both the driver and rider needs as they come up.”

Driver and safety training

“Our drivers will participate in safety training courses run by professionals. Know that you are in safe hands.”

Driver and passenger vetting

“We comprehensively vet our drivers and our riders to ensure a safer environment for both. Both drivers and riders need to register with ChaufHer, and every registration is thoroughly checked ahead of any journeys.”

Child booster seats

“Traveling with your young child? We offer the option to order a ride with a child booster seat, meaning you and your little ones can get where you need to go safely.”

SOS emergency button

“Another feature that is available to both drivers and riders is an SOS Emergency button that will notify us (and a contact of your choice) if you feel uncomfortable in any way or if you feel that your safety is compromised.”

Chaufher safe places

“Our ChaufHer safe places are designated areas where ChaufHer drivers can wait for fares without worrying. These spaces are setup close to partner events or high demand areas to help keep our drivers safe.”

The website says that this service will be coming to Cape Town soon and then Gauteng. What do you think? Will you feel safer being driven by a woman?

I think, for me, it will depend where and when I am travelling. If it is late at night and I need a ride home, I will certainly opt for Chaufher, but if I have to drive on the N2 in the dark or in any dangerous areas, I might prefer to drive with a male driver. I shall keep you posted about my decision making process though 😉

Source: CapeTownetc

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