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About Me

Oh heeeey!

I’m Julz, a motoring journalist by trade. A YouTuber by profession…ok well, not exactly but I do have a YouTube channel. (Who doesn’t?!)

I started my career at CAR Magazine back in 2008 after completing my honours degree in Journalism at the University of Stellenbosch. After an amazing seven year run with CAR, I was head-hunted (ego boost!) by Associated Media to head up the Women on Wheels (WOW) website. I hit that one right out the park, swiftly being promoted to Editor of the WOW magazine as well; a position I held for four years.

During all of this I became a presenter on Tech Report, Ignition TV (channel 189 on DSTV), and also cars.co.za – you should totally check out their YouTube channel, BUT not before you check out mine!

I am not only a motoring journalist but also presenter, as well as a voice-over artist for various clients (think Milky Way, Oral B and Maynard Mall…random I know). I have a radio slot on Cape Talk with John Maytham every second Monday at 16:55. I am also a judge for the cars.co.za Consumer Awards. I have written for some of South Africa’s top magazines, like Women’s Health…before ‘The Pandemic’ ruined that for all of us. I also present and produce car review videos for Gumtree.

This website is for YOU! Whatever you want to know! I’ll be updating my blog on the regular to keep you in the loop with car buying advice, launch updates, motoring news, etc. But mostly with my videos.

Also, be a peach and follow me on the socials (Facebook, Twitter, Insta) – I promise to entertain you with my bad singing, questionable awesome sense of humour and all things MOTORING.

Get in touch and let’s hang!


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