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Will the Elevate turn things around for Honda?

3 April 2024

Before you watch the video, get a quote from Naked in 90 seconds. The Honda Elevate is putting Honda back on the map. And I could not be happier. This compact SUV is a great addition to the many on the market. It gives those old school Honda fans something to consider. If you want […]

Is the coupé version of the Merc GLC worth it?

27 March 2024

First of all, can you afford a Mercedes-Benz GLC Coupé? I wish I could. But now, the coupé version of any car is a bit of a mystery to me. As much as I love the look of this Mercedes-Benz GLC coupé, I also love the look of the standard GLC. So why would you […]

I love being right!

20 March 2024

Download the app. Guys, you know I love to be right, right? The Kia Sportage obviously won in the family car category in the 2023/2024 consumer awards sponsored by Wesbank. You know I have always loved this car and now this is now proof that you all love it too. It is not […]

Looking rich in the Mercedes Benz GLE 450d

13 March 2024

Guys, before you shout at me, I know I messed up with the engine. For whatever reason I say 1.9 instead of 2.9. Arg! But here we are. We are all grown ups and I am sure you understand that I am human (super human, but still) and make mistakes every now and then. Anyhoozal, […]

Is the 5-door Jimny better than the three-door version?

7 March 2024

Get a Naked quote! Look guys, I am a huge Suzuki Jimny fan. I loved the three-door version despite it being terrible on-road and having almost zero boot space, or space anywhere really. I adore this five-door version even more because of the space. But crisis. It remains terrible on-road. Which sucks. But I still […]

The quirky but loveable Omoda C5 GT

28 February 2024

Want to know what your repayments would be on this? Go here. The Omoda C5 GT looks amazing and comes with a host of tech, it’s priced well and is super comfortable to drive. But are the quirks going to be a deal breaker for you? I list a few that would be for me, […]

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